today is new year's eve morning,firecrackers sounding snap snap away. as long as you take a look at the outside,red firecrackers everywhere,come together to form a red sea. the family have their own homes going up in the beautiful,it seems like in the match. my family is no exception,sweeping,glass,cabinets,such as rubbing. prepare the arrival of the new year.

afternoon,we posted in accordance with the custom of the chinese new year couplets,father and a good paste,and then said to me: "i paste you posted,i looked at the high level you say 'rich',said that if the lower 'rising' good you ",i asked my father why? dad said: "the plan is a lucky," "oh,i understand," we posted on the alliance are: evil hongfu family happy is: wang gas people to come into everything.

end paste new year,we began dumplings. good luck to tim,we are still a dumpling in a bag of coins. dinner,my folder,a dumpling,one to eat,"cough," the voice of a coin吃出for my whole family applauded,and say that i am lucky this year. after dumplings,we saw the chinese new year festival,my favorite essay

and "yellow soybeans." liu qian first a one-dollar coins into the cup,then into the host egg rings. "bean yellow" in a person to "take off clouds" that they "li xiangyun" really funny. no wonder people say: "spring festival evening show" is a cultural feast.

against the sound of the bell,"speakers" sound guns up. people poured out of their homes. pat the sound of firecrackers greeted the arrival of chinese new year.


下午,我们就按过年的习俗贴春联,爸爸和好浆糊,然后对我说:“我贴你看着高低我贴高了你就说‘发财’,如果低了就说‘高升’好吗”,我问爸爸为什么呢?爸爸说:“就是图个吉祥”,“噢我懂了”我们贴的上联是:家有宏福千般喜,下联是:人来 旺气万事成。

贴完春联,我们就开始包饺子。为了添吉祥,我们还在一个饺子里包了一个硬币。吃晚饭时,我夹了一个饺子,一吃 “咯”的一声,吃出一个硬币全家人都为我鼓掌,说我今年有福气。吃完饺子,我们又看了春节联欢晚会,我最喜欢刘谦的魔术