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  • [范文]职场英语:Salary Negotiation

    Are you currently interviewing with companies -- or plan to in the near future? Do you feel confident that you can negotiate the best job offer -- the best compensation package -- from prospective employers? Take this quiz and test your salary negotiation readiness. (And feel free to take a spin through our free Salary Negotiation Tutorial before taking this quiz!) Just complete this form. Click on Submit button when ready to send. You will receive the answers and a scoring guide via e-mail. IMPORTANT: To ensure that you receive a response to this quiz, please be sure to (a) enter your full e-mail address in the space provided and (b) please enter your email address twice to ensure that we get your correct e-mail address. We cannot provide you with feedback if your e-mail address is incorrect or not supplied. Read our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns about providing your email address to us. If you don't want to take this quiz interactively, print out this page and mark your ...

  • [范文]职场英语:管理专业英文简历

    Sandy Lin 15/F,TOWER2 ,BRIGHT CHINA,BUILDING1,BEIJING.WORK EXPERIENCE1987 to PresentHuman Service Relief Worker:Temporary Resources,Columbus,INWork as a temporary substitute in a variety of human service programs including specializing clients in hospital,direct care of developmentally delayed clients,counseling and supervising adolescents in group homes and substitute teaching at institutions such as the Stafford School for the Deaf.1984 to 1986Residential Manager:Allied Group Homes,Columbus,INWorked in several residential programs for all levels of development delayed clients.Taught skills in daily living,cooking,hygiene,and community awareness.Provided emotional support to clients.Interacted with clients families.Implemented behavioral programs.1982 to 1983Residential Counselor:Harrison House,Mooresville,INStaffed community residence for five developmentally delayed clients.Implemented behavioral programs.Taught activities of daily living skills directed toward independent living an...

  • [范文]职场英语:外企的offer letter回复

    Thanks for your recognition.I have signed the offer and agreed with all the terms it contained.It's my honor to work with you and I have determined to work for ????It's ok for me to start my work on @#¥%…….Looking forward to having a bright future with @#¥%……. Best Regards&×……&I think you mean received,if you want to refuse it,it is simple,just say that:I am so sorry/regret to say that I can't#@#@#$Above may be helpful to you!

  • [范文]职场英语:Skills in Business Negotiation

    Entering into the 21st century, the economical express of china has been developed dramatically and driven into the roadway of canonical marketing economy; business negotiation had been to the leading actor in the social economical activities and become the bridge of business relation between personal and enterprise. in the circumstance, do you feel that someone is continually taking advantage of you? do you seem to have to fight your corner aggressively, or ally with others, to win the resources you need? or do you struggle to get what you want from people whose help you need, but over whom you have little direct authority? if so, business negotiation is really necessary, the skills are earnestly needed. that is why i start this paper and be dedicated to show you some skills.ⅱ。 the new version of negotiation in economical domainwhether you do realize everyday each of us is carrying on the negotiation in the real life. and negotiations exist commonly. where there are differences, con...

  • [范文]职场英语:salary;wage;pay辨析

    职场英语:salary;wage;pay辨析这三个词都表示劳动的报酬----工资。pay是普通用语。可笼统地指salary或wage等定时领取的工资。但军事人员的工资则专门用这词。salary表示“薪金(水)”,尤指脑力劳动所获得的报酬,如工程师、教师、政府官员等的固定薪金,可按周、按月、按季度或按年领取。wage表示“工资”,尤指体力劳动所获得的报酬。如熟练工人、售货员等的固定工资,可按小时、按天或按周领取。补充:wage、salary、pay、income的用法区别这几个词都和金钱有关,但是又都有各自的用法,其主要区别如下:1、wage一般指工人或服务人员等体力劳动者的“工资”、工钱“, 通常按时计算,分周发给,如:Before liberation Grandpa’s wages could hardly support the family.解放前爷爷的工钱很难维持全家。2、salary一般指机关单位官员、职员和管理人员的“薪金”, 一般按年计算,分月或半月发给,如:He accepted, but asked so small a salary that to maintain its own standards the institute had to raise it.他接受了这一职位,但要求的薪金很低,使研究院工资的水平,不得不加以提高。At that time Pierre Curie was teaching physics in a technical college a...

  • [范文]职场英语:停止抱怨

     Get comfortable with ignoring some tasks.心里踏实地去忽视某些任务For some of you, even doing things less than perfectly will take too much time. In this case, you'll have to blow some stuff off. So experiment and see which things can fall through cracks without anyone noticing.You already do this. Someone at work sends you an email demanding a response. But before you have time to reply, another recipient does so, so you just delete the original message. Try this approach with work you're not a central force on and see what happens.Stop complaining before it ruins your life.在过度的工作破坏你的生活之前,停止抱怨I can already imagine the comments flying about this column. Some of you will say that you'd be fired for following the above advice. But what's your choice? You've already told your boss you have more work than you can get done in a day, and he or she didn't scale back. Do you want to continue to just complain about it every day? Probably not, because complaining is toxic.Bes...

  • [范文]职场英语:Judicial Clerkship Cover Letter

    jack richardson,323 south avon drive,milton, ny 10945,(914) 555-2909.dear mr. richardson,i am applying for a clerkship in your faculty, following my graduation from xyz law school in abc. i enclosed my resume, please find it. i also have the reference letters from prof. x & prof. b.actually i am from southern area and want to return to practice in the area upon completion of my law degree. this year my work on the xyz law review strengthened my research and writing skills. a work with you would enable me to further improve and sharpen my skills, and provide me with a unique insight into the judicial process.i would like to discuss my qualification with you if you give me one chance. i am waiting for your call.thank you for your consideration .sincerely,thomas k eden.enclosure resume最新Letters:Aviation industry master's cover letter职场英语:Design director cover letter职场英语:Telecom manager cover letterNetwork maintenance engineers to cover letter

  • [范文]职场英语:公司社交活动的商务礼节

    Useful Tips for Good Manners at Meetings and Social Events聚会以及社交活动良好礼节的有用小贴士Appropriate business etiquette is expected of everyone, especially at corporate events. However, few are trained in the art of good manners. That means most people learn meeting etiquette and how to conduct themselves at business events “on the job.”每个人都希望自己有合适的商务礼节,尤其是在公司社交活动上。然而,很少有人受过良好的礼节训练。这就意味着很多人去学习会议的礼节,以便自己在公司的商务活动上处于主动地位。Of course, not everyone is completely at ease with knowing whether they are conveying proper business etiquette to corporate hosts, colleagues and other guests.当然,不是每个人都很清楚自己在与公司老板,同事以及其他客户社交时所用的社交礼节是否恰当。Keep in mind, the purpose of etiquette is to create an environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable. The following Q&A provides some business etiquette tips for meeting environments.记住,礼节的目的是为了创造一个大家都感觉舒服的...

  • [范文]职场英语:面试中谈自身缺点应对大攻略

    The weakness question represents the most common and most stressful one posed during interviews. Yet in today‘s weak job market, the wrong answer weakens your chances of winning employment.“缺点”问题是求职面试中最常见也最让人头痛的一个问题。而在眼下就业市场疲软的情况下,不恰当的回答将降低你赢得工作的机会。Some people offer replies they mistakenly assume that bosses love, such as “I am a perfectionist.” That response will be used against you because you appear incapable of delegating, warns Joshua Ehrlich, dean of a master’s program in executive coaching sponsored by BeamPines Inc., a New York coaching firm and Middlesex University in London.一些应聘者会给出误以为老板会喜欢的答案,比如,“我的缺点是过于追求完美”。对此埃里奇(Joshua Ehrlich)提醒说,这个回答会对你求职不利,因为它显得你似乎没有能力授权给他人。埃里奇是一个由纽约职业培训机构BeamPines Inc。和伦敦米德塞克斯大学(Middlesex University)合办的经理人硕士班培训项目的负责人。A careful game plan could help you cope with ...

  • [范文]职场英语:offer国际贸易报盘

    offer国际贸易报盘offer(报盘),也叫报价,是卖方主动向买方提供商品信息,或者是对询盘(inquire)的答复,是卖方根据买方的来信,向买方报盘,其内容可包括商品名称、规格、数量、包装条件、价格、付款方式和交货期限等。报盘有两种:虚盘(non-firm offers)和实盘(firm offers)。虚盘(non-firm offers), 即无约束力的报盘。一般情况下,多数报盘均为虚盘,虚盘不规定报盘的有效日期,并且附有保留条件,如:The offer is subject to our final confirmation/prior sale. 该报盘以我方最后确认/事先售出为准。实盘(firm offers)则规定有效日期,而且卖盘一旦被接受,报盘人就不能撤回。 counter-offer( 还盘),交易方式之一,即接盘人对所接发盘表示接受,但对其内容提出更改的行为。还盘实质上构成对原发盘的某种程度的拒绝,也是接盘人以发盘人地位所提出的新发盘。因此 ,一经还盘,原发盘即失效,新发盘取代它成为交易谈判的基础。如果另一方对还盘内容不同意,还可以进行反还盘(或称再还盘)。还盘可以在双方之间反复进行,还盘的内容通常仅陈述需变更或增添的条件,对双方同意的交易条件毋需重复。在国际贸易中,往往经过多次的还盘、反还盘,才最终达成协...